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Signature Service

Mediumship and Messages

from the Spirit World

Listen to evidence that your loved one is a​live ​and ​well​ on the other side.

30 minutes ZOOM $85


in office 30 minutes $145

Combination reading psychic and mediumship

See my variety of specialized readings!


Beautiful, positive and inspiring card images illustrate your intuitive reading.

It's not just "reading the cards", its reading YOU and your energy field with CRYSTALS AND TAROT!

30 minute phone reading $60

In office $90

Crystal‍ Healing : Lay down comfortably as beautiful and powerful healing crystals are placed on and around you to balance, harmonize and bring about well being to your body's energy field.

60 minutes in office $145 

Also enjoy one of my specialty readings from 

STARBEING, Fairy and Unicorn Realms 

As well as 


30 MINUTE Phone $60

In office $90

"Spiritlistening" Private Gallery Events:

Your small group of friends or family receive messages from their loved ones on the other side. their spirit guides and angels. Available in your home, office or private venue

90 minute event for up to 6 guests: $350 and up. (travel limitations apply

Spiritlistening Gallery Events for your shop or venue: email for more information.

*all in person payments by cash, "square" or paypal ONLY

Payment in any form for services described in this website are for entertainment purposes only! We do not diagnose treat or cure any disease or provide professional advice of any kind as ordained ministers all of our services are considered spiritual advisement only. Our spiritual services are not otherwise connected to any other credential or individual holding a credential or a license of any kind. We do not guarantee any particular outcome through the use of any of our services or products. By accepting any of our services online, in person on location you accept that you have visited this website and accept these terms and conditions and read these and understand.


Ask about how you can enjoy a FREE power cut crystal healing pendant with an add-on crystal and jewelry show of carefully curated healing crystals, crystal skulls and sterling silver jewelry 

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