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Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, NY

What is Crystalistening?

Crystal classes and workshops in Crystalistening  are not about memorizing lots of definitions and opinions of other supposed crystal healers and energy workers. Did you ever notice that seldom do you see 2 different sources agreeing on the properties of particular crystal? 

 That's why in Crystalistening you learn to "listen" to the energy frequency of each of the crystals you're drawn to and to develop your intuitive skills to match them with the frequencies your energy body needs.

 Good crystal energy healing seldom involves using preplanned  layouts or grids but should best rely on the crystal healer using their intuitive skills as an energy worker to truly sense the energy body of their client or themselves to  find out where there are blockages, imbalances or stagnant energies that need to be moved released or tuned- and then selecting just the right crystal frequencies to create harmony in the energy field.

   Not only are preprinted  plans for crystal healing healing layouts or grids used to manifest intentions seldom effective, but can lead to to complications due to inappropriate releases of energies without providing outlets for release and appropriate tuning frequencies to rebalance

 It's sort of like pulling the plug on sink full of sludge and expecting it to go down a clogged drain. Yuck!

    If you're ready to truly develop your own intuitive gifts and become a true energy worker and crystal healer, Crystalistening might be just the right fit for you!

   There are several ways to begin your Crystalistening


- One on one tutoring sessions

- Create- A - Class for yourself and friends

- Apply for a mentorship program

- Attend online Zoom class events

- Attend scheduled classes at one of my 2 office locations in the Hudson Valley

Email at for more! Be sure to include the heading "Crystal Class" in your heading.


Follow me on Instagram @listeningtocrystals for free online events and mini classes and gallery events through ZOOM!

I'm on Facebook as "Elizabeth Connell"

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