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Genuine Vogel Wands

Experience the difference as an energy worker with a Vogel crystal healing wand based on the scientific work of IBM engineer Marcel Vogel

Genuine Vogel Wands

Working with a genuine Vogel wand is one of the features that makes "Crystalistening" a powerful and unique energy healing modality. Learning to use the Vogel crystal wand in a safe and effective way requires instruction, intuitive skill and practice.

  Liz has been trained by one of the few qualified instructors with a direct lineage to Marcel Vogel.

 Unfortunately there are many out there not only using the wand inappropriately but in ways that can be detrimental. Although working intuitively is an important part, there are some things that you will need to know regarding the mechanics of how the wand functions in order to use it to its best potential.

 Other than videos created by Marcel Vogel himself the availabe Videos and "instructors" online unfortunately not only demonstrated improper use but grossly inappropriate use and can claim no formal training or practical experience.

In addition 99% of the so called Vogel wands on the market are not genuine, but knock off copies created in assembly line fashion by unqualified cutters. A genuine Vogel requires precise protocals regarding the exacting details, measurements and intentions that should be used while creating a  Genuine wand. The mass market knock offs, although they may seem quite "zingy" are cut to impercise frequencies and  as everyone who listens to music knows, there's nothing worse than a sour note to ruin your song. Furthermore integrating off frequency notes into the energy field is again highly undesirable.

In my practice and teaching I work with only genuine Voegl wands created by his accredited cutters of which there are only 3 or 4 in the world. I've had a long standing relationship with all 3 of the original cutters and presently work with one in particular who creates not only the student my student wands used in instructional settings but the master wands more!

 In my class you will have the opportunity to purchase your own wand and work with it in class as part of your instruction.

You will find that working with the wand integrates well into many modalities including but not exclusively to crystal healing, meditation, hypnosis, massage, energy healing of all modality types and your advancement of your psychic and intuitive skills.

 In addition to the ones I also work with Vogel inspired "power cut" pendants that work integratively with the wand and your own energy field to create a flow of harmony, healing, balance and protection.

 Vogel wand classes are offered in-person only so that you can see, feel, and experience as you learn. Email to coordinate a date at one of our offices in Poughkeepsie or Kingston New York.

 I also offer small group instruction for your healing center, Spiritual bookstore or wellness center.

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