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Listening to Heaven and Earth

Enjoy your reading!

Thank you for scheduling your reading with me! I am looking

forward to working with you soon!

Please take a moment to nd out more about your reading so

that you can enjoy the full benets of our time together.

- Be sure to be ready to be able to relax and enjoy! Let those

around you know that you will be doing something special

during the time frame of your appointment, and that you will

need a quiet, private time alone.

- Take a moment to get a cup of tea or glass of water for yourself,

as well as a few tissues. You may also enjoy lighting a candle or

burning your favorite incense.

- Do your best to minimize background noise that might interfere

with your session. I will be on speakerphone or head set and you

may wish to use the same.

- If there are some particular areas of interest you wish to look

into. Please be ready to present them at the start of your

session, but please limit details such as names, conditions,

dates etc.

- Its best to provide as little information as possible in most forms

of readings. Please try not to “feed the psychic medium” with

details. It is my job to speak to you and provide my services, so

keep in mind that if you are speaking a great deal during your

session, it provides me with less time to o*er my service to you.

- During your session you will be given the opportunity to ask

questions during the latter portion of your reading.

- In a Mediumistic session when (not Psychic) whilst working with

the spirit world, your asking of questions during the session may

break the link with the spirit communicator and bring your

session to a premature end. Please listen quietly to the

information that comes forward from your loved ones on the

other side.

- In a Psychic Reading or Intuitive Guidance session, I will check in

with you along the way to see if you have questions.

- Although many areas of importance may be addressed in a

reading, if there is a very specific area you wish to delve into

more deeply, please let me know at the start of your reading. I

want you to leave feeling satised and content and enjoy the

benets of your reading fully.

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