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Listening to Heaven and Earth


- An intuitive approach to Crystal Healing,

Mediumship and Psychic and Spiritual


Email booking only at this time due to a full schedule through April. Please email at 

Mediumship Mentor Program

I am honored to offer a variety of options for your personalized mentorship program to work with the spirit world as a spiritual medium.

All programs begin with a complimentary session to evaluate your personal readiness and development so that we can begin your mediumship instruction at your present skill point.  You may also choose to submit CV or introduction letter with your past classes, instructors, experience and background to guide my best understanding of your skill level.

   The beauty of one-on-one mentorship is that we can eliminate the reteaching of skills and experiences you already have and begin to move forward using our time together with optimum benefit and progress.

 All programs include ongoing evaluations, next step skills, opportunity to practice and suggestions for practice group participation and homework. I will also recommend books and other resources. 

 All sessions are recorded for your review.

 You can choose Your level of program based on yor own needs and preferences. Some students like to meet weekly and others prefer a once or twice a month session with independent practice and growth opportunities in between.

Option A : 1 individual hourly sessions $70-  

Option B : 2 sessions 130

Option C:  4 sessions $240

 All appointments are made at the time of purchase.  All classes take place on Zoom.  If you prefer in-person classes please inquire for special rates and location.

Email to set set up your program and start our  mediumship journey together.


Email to find out more 

Upcoming Crystal , Tarot and Mediumship Classes

Coming This Spring

If you're tired of zoom and recorded online classes and would like to have in- person, live instruction and you live in or near the Hudson Valley, why not join us for one of our upcoming classes this fall! We have two locations in Poughkeepsie and Kingston NY convenient to the Taconic Parkway or NYS thruway less than an hour from Albany area or Westchester county.

    Classes are forming now for for a variety of skills and topics. Shoot me and email with your interests and availability to help me find a just-right fit for you interests and skill levels. 

Be sure to add the heading CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS. I hope to meet you this fall in one of our exciting new classes!!

Email now as classes are forming this month for the Fall season! to learn more

Crystal Wish Boxes​​​

Join me in person at one of our fun events this year featuring our newest


our curated crystal collections in artisan designed theme boxes for

Wishes, prayers and intentions

 One of most powerful way to work with crystals is by using strong visual imagery and your own unique prayers and intentions to manifest your goal​s and make your wishes come true!

See our special page on the menu above to learn more!

Watch for our 2023 Events!!

Our first show of the year!

Crystal Wish Boxes will be at 

New Paltz Art and Crafts


Memorial Day Weekend


I'm  delight to be back at




 If you will be visiting Omega this season you can book your appointment there with me through the wellness center concierge.

 I will be at Omega only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,  however if you are visiting the area and wish to schedule at one of my private offices  or  on ZOOM, please email  for  more scheduling options.

Let's take the journey together! Whether it's to a past life or to your best future! Bringing your loved ones over from the spirit world to ease your grief or just to let you k⁹now that they are always with you. My beautiful crystals bring in healing energy and add to your experience leaving you feeling like you've had more than just an amazing reading, but a journey in healing and understanding.

Can't wait for our next event?

Book your reading now online

Or email for more scheduling options

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